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9-12 Sep. International Visiting Instructor Program:European Human Rights Law

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Date : 9 Sep.- 12 Sep.


Venue:N101 Huagang Building

Speaker: Bjørnar Borvik, Professor of Law, University of Bergen Faculty of Law

Topics: Right to respect for private life (Article 8) and freedom of expression (Article 10)


Recommended reading:

Jacobs, White & Ovey pp. 400-455, and 483-516.

Required reading:

Jacobs, White & Ovey pp. 400-405, 415-418, 483-494, and 496-505.

Von Hannover v. Germany (No. 2), ECtHR judgment, 7 February 2012 (appl. nos. 40660/08 and 60641/08), paragraphs 10-20, 74, and 95-126.

Lindon, Otchakovsky-Laurens and July v. France, ECtHR judgment, 22 October 2007 (appl. nos. 21279/02 and 36448/02) paragraphs 39-70.


The topics covered in the second period are the following:

·       Right to life (Article 2)

·       Right to liberty and security (Article 5)

·       Right to a fair trial (Article 6)


About the Speaker: Bjørnar Borvik is Professor of Law at University of Bergen Faculty of Law, where he has taught since 2002 and served as Vice Dean for Education from 2014 to 2017. He received his PhD from University of Bergen in 2008. His research and teaching interests focus on constitutional law and human rights. He currently serves as the Director of Norwegian China Law Centre at the Faculty of Law, and is appointed by the Norwegian Parliament as Vice Chairman of Norwegian Priva-cy Appeals Board from 2017 to 2020. He has twice been temporarily appointed as Appellate Judge at Court of Appeal for Western Norway.