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Our law school is situated in the birth place of Confucianism. With the nurturing from the best of Chinese culture and tradition, we have been pursuing to build a law school in the best sense nationally and internationally.

Looking back to the year of 2017, our law school had been relocated from Jinan toQingdao, from a picturistic city of springs to the coastal scenic region of modernity. Faculties and students alike have been working harder together to bring this unique elite community to the current forward-looking new home. We feel very proud to see the salient progresses that have been quickly made in legal education, academic research and exchanges on a whole, and wonderful results in our students’ job market, international cooperation and social services in particular. Law school’s “Interdisciplinary Legal Studies” project, to give one example, has lately been prioritized by the University’s “Academic Peak-mounting Plan” funding. Our faculty’s academic publications consistently rank on the very top of the national list. The reputation of the law school has been significantly enhanced by the rising acclaims our faculties have received from the country and widely abroad. The graduates from our law school continue in growing larger number to study or work abroad, and build a unique alumni community on a much wider base.

Looking into the future, we will take the momentum to make our legal education from better to the best. We now have a wonderful school managing group. We wholeheartedly share this simple and clear goal for the law school. We have been working closely together to map out the best possible way to attain greater development for the law school, and thus for the university on our way. Our education aims to help students, the unaltering center of the school’s excellence, to not just become the best candidates for the legal profession, but more importantly, become morally worthy individual persons. Our educational mission reverberates well with the motto of the university: “to educate for the welfare of the nation, and the world.” From the founding of the law school, academics has been the undisputable foundation for the law school’s increasing prestige. We sincerely believe our faculty’s academic achievements as the biggest privilege of our law school. By unhesitatingly emphasizing on academics, we have been doing our best by all means to create the best possible environment for our faculty to focus on their research and academic projects at our law school. In the future, we will continue to enhance our academic studies by encouraging more creative research works and create our law school’s unique niche in the national and international academic world. We cherish our alumni community. We are so proud of our alumni for such awesome achievements they have already made in such short period of time. We will enhance the channels in closer connection with our alumni, provide our best support for their development, and make the law school a warmer home for our alumni to visit and share. In a nutshell, our education is society oriented, open-minded, and pragmatically spirited in shaping each individual legal mind with the best sense of morality. We cherish the notions of development and progress, the vital importance of human capital, and the powerful force of innovative thinking. They are the motto that have motivated us to stick to our mission and ambition, work harder each and every day to lay down the foundation toward the new brilliances of the law school.

We wish all our faculty members, alumni and friends in and outside of China great success this year and years after, and stay in good health every day. We wish all our students enjoy happy learning and daily life at the law school.