Scholars exchange

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The Law School has established regular academic exchanges with numerous cooperative partners. The globally renowned scholars like Harold J. Berman from U.S.A, Jürgen Basedow from Germany (former director to the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law), Haruo Nishihara from Japan (former President of Waseda University) became honorary professors to the SDU law school. With the support of the university program funding such as Teaching-Internationalization Short-term Professorship, Short-term Foreign Expert Program, and Internationalization Summer Program, foreign experts open such courses each year like comparative property law, European human right law, robotics and law, European criminal law, and Korean intellectual property law. The SDU Law School sent faculty members to visit and study in the world leading law schools such as Harvard, Oxford, Columbia. Up to 20 faculty members who have studied and received M.A. or Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University, UC-Berkerley, University of Washington, Berlin’s Humboldt University, Kyoto University, Bristol University, and University of Vienna, plus quite a number of faculty members are originally from Great Britain, South Korea, and China Taiwan. The law school have accomplished numerous international cooperation programs such as China-France “Cai Yuanpei Project”, China-Canada Legal Empirical Women Studies.