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Postgraduate Programs

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The postgraduate programs in the Law School underscores the spirit of innovation. For the M.A. students, the law school sticks to the principle of diversity and quality, offers courses strictly according to the first class subject’s requirements, and encourages them to take full use of the resources in and outside of the university. The law school assigns two academic advisers for each M.A. students. For the Ph.D students, the law school combines the individual advising and collective training patterns.

For the postgraduate education, the School emphasizes international exchanges. The law school has established regular and frequent cooperative relations with many universities and research institutes such as in U.S., Japan, France, Germany, Russia, South Korea, China Hongkong and China Taiwan. The law school also regularly invites domestic and overseas scholars to visit and participate in the academic seminars sponsored by the postgraduate programs.

The postgraduate programs include M.A. and Ph.D. training programs. M.A. programs offer full-time and part-time courses. In the M.A. program, the law school provides three different training schedules for M.Phil degree (research based), Post-B.A. in Law JM degree, and JM degree for non-law majors. The range of years for M.A. program is from three to five years; for Ph.D. program, three to six years.